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As users of an online platform like , it is very important we secure our online footprints. I know you wish to keep enjoying Facebook so you have to make a change in your Facebook Security Settings before it becomes too late. When  complain about their accounts being tampered with, I mostly ask about their Facebook Security Settings and they are like “Oops I don’t have an idea”. This is really bad and Facebook is not to blame if after providing you with such tools, you can’t make use of them. Facebook SecurityTips to Change Facebook Security Settings
You can find your  setting by tapping the down arrow right beside the question mark icon of your Facebook homepage. You will then find “Settings” in the menu displayed.  After selecting settings, click “Account and Login” which will give you the option of setting any of the below options;
  • Where you are Logged In – it documents all your logins (previous and current). Also, it records your Device Name, IP Address, and logging time.
  • Select  to contact if ever locked out – This deals with the recovery of your Facebook account through your closest friends who are on FB. You are allowed to choose up to 5 friends who can receive a recovery code with a URL for you if you ever get locked out.
  • Two-Factor Authentication – It gives you the capability of logging in with a distinct security code when accessing your  on a different device or browser.
  • Login-Facebook Security – Using a very strong password combination is advisable in this case. It shouldn’t be something common or something someone knows or can guess about you. Also, you can use your  Picture for login but I won’t advise you do that since anyone can access it once with your device.

Privacy Settings – This is honestly what most persons do not set on Facebook. With this feature, you can limit how people gain access to you. This would help you enjoy your privacy on the site. It applies not only to how people contact you on Facebook but also on the internet.
Facebook Security Settings
Aside from these options above, you can also set your account to alert you anytime someone attempts logging in your account on a different device or browser.
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