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This tutorial will assist you through My Block List On Facebook Whatever the reason– a stalker, an ex– just someone you don’t wish to have any contact with– you can rather quickly cut them out of your Facebook life. Follow the actions described listed below to do so.

My Block List On Facebook

It is necessary to note this up front– by obstructing someone you are not 100% completely blocking definitely every potentially interaction on Facebook with that person. As Facebook explains:
If you block somebody, they will not be able to discover you in a Facebook search, see your profile, or connect with you through Facebook channels (such as Wall posts, Poke, etc.). Any Facebook ties you presently have with a person you block will be broken (for instance, friendship connections, Relationship Status, etc.). Note that obstructing someone might not avoid all interactions and interactions in third-party applications, and does not reach somewhere else on the Internet.
It’s also worth mentioning that when you obstruct somebody, not only will they not have the ability to see exactly what “you’re doing” on Facebook– you won’t be able to see exactly what they’re doing either. It is a two-way block.
1. To begin with, indication in to your Facebook account. To the upper-right corner, hover your cursor over the Settings link. A little ‘drop-down’ menu will appear. Click Account Settings
2. Click the handle link in the Personal privacy area of your settings page.
3. Go into the name of the person you wish to obstruct in the Individual field. At the same time, you can enter their email address in the Email filed, however you’ll require to understand exactly which email address they have associated with their Facebook account. Now click the Block button.
4. If the name you went into matches more than one individual, a list will appear showing all of the possible matches. Locate the person you wish to block, and click the Block button.
5. If at any point you desire to remove this block, go back to your Account Settings page, and click the get rid of link beside the obstructed individual.
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