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Facebook currently has over 2 billion users and more and more users are signing up every day.  com Login is for already signed up users of the Facebook platform. You can log in your  in just many ways. You can log in using your;Facebook Log In Facebook
  • Desktop
  • Android device
  • iPhone device
  • iPad
  • Tablets
And any other device that has internet access. FB has now made access so easy that just anyone can do it. The most interesting is when you are making use of an Android or device. All it takes, in this case, is to download the app and you have Facebook everywhere with you without bothering to input your login details. A single tap on the  gives you access to FB’s major features. One amazing initiative by Facebook is the use of Facebook for free option where you have no data charge attached to it.
Using the , you are granted permission to access all FB major features but denied some, so it is advisable you switch to Facebook’s Desktop site on your mobile device using your web browser or other options to log in.
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Facebook Log In Facebook

As long as you are signed up with Facebook, you are permitted to view your  and enjoy the use of the FB platform. To login Facebook, follow my lead;
  • Get on your web browser (any web browser at all)
  • On the URL bar, Type “FACEBOOK.COM”
  • The Login Page will be open to you.
  • Input your email address or mobile phone number
  • Input your Password
  • Click “Sign In”
If you by any chance forgot your password or you are having issues logging in, Visit the Facebook Help Center or Click “Forget Password “ and follow the procedures laid down to reset your Facebook Password”
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