Facebook Gift Cards | How to Use Facebook Gift Card

Facebook Gift Cards are reusable cards which make it pretty easy for you to purchase and send stuffs (Games or Items) without the use of a credit card. All it takes is for you to receive your  code and then redeem it using your .
Facebook Gift Cards
Stop thinking about how you can send your pals and close relations gifts, this is why Facebook Gift Card is amazing. Having a Facebook Account is what it takes to seal the deal.

How Facebook Gift Cards Works

Having something isn’t nearly as important as knowing what to do with it. This is how you use the Facebook Gift Cards.
  • From the gift cards or digital category, specifically select a gift
  • Seal your purchase by choosing a value for it
  • A mail will be sent to the receiver of the gift after a few days
  • After picking up the cards, the receiver can use it at the shop you chose for the purchase at the amount gifted

How To Redeem Facebook Gift Cards

As said earlier, when getting your gift cards, a code will be sent. The major part of this process is redeeming it. This is where  may have trouble but not to worry we have your back. This is how you redeem your Facebook Gift Card.
  • Get on the site facebook.com/gamecards
  • Select “Redeem Code” at the middle of your screen
  • Carefully scratch the card and enter the pin code accurately
  • Click on “Redeem” at the bottom
  • Pick the currency of your chose
  • And then, click “Continue”
And that’s it people..
Interestingly, aside from using these cards to purchase and send items, you can also purchase ads and applications. Amazing isn’t it?
To purchase your Facebook Gift Cards, click on the Facebook Gift Card link found on your  Center page.
Also, for every time you get a gift card from Facebook, it is added up to the existing ones. It is important to note that these cards hold multiple gift balances to your own benefit. This is why it is tagged as “Reusable”.
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