How to Forever Delete Facebook Account Permanently

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently: There are uncountable reasons why people really want to leave Facebook... whatever reason you are leaving Facebook for - you only have two choices to make.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

1. Leave Facebook Permanently
2. Leave Facebook Temporarily

Any which one you choose will depend on the reason you want to quit Facebook.

Today, we will be discussing on how to permanently delete a Facebook account.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

The method is quite straightforward and easy, and you just need to follow some simple systematic guide and with that, you can permanently delete any of the Facebook accounts. So, follow the steps below to proceed.

Ways to Permanently Delete Facebook Account:  

1.  In your web browser, you need to log in into your Facebook account that you permanently want to delete.

2.  Now there you need to open the link in a new tab of your browser. Note: Copy the link and paste in browser search bar.
3. Now the new panel or the windows shall launch up on your device’s screen that will be asking for the password and filling up the blank CAPTCHA fields. Just fill up the details correctly and then you can move on to the next step.

4. At last, you will only have to click on the ‘OK’ button placed on the bottom corner of the screen and your account shall be successfully scheduled for being deleted. The account once scheduled for the permanent delete then it will get deactivated for other 14 days and after that only it shall get deleted. Now the main thing that most of the people do not apply is they do not wait the 14-day period and get log in while their account is in the deactivated mode. This cancels up the deletion process, so you should not try to enter your account for the next 14 days after your schedule it for removal.

5. So, you have finally got the method by which you can quickly delete up your Facebook account permanently, and hence there shall be no need to wait for too long to remove your Facebook account and its data. All that will happen instantly, and you won’t find your account from that instant onwards. And if you were also finding to delete your Facebook account permanently just use up this method and that all you will get the results for sure.

Please make certain that you really really really want to delete your Facebook account permanently before proceeding. You won't be able to recover your info once you hit on permanent delete button.

Cheers and farewell from Facebook!!! 
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