Follow me - Facebooks new hoax

A new Facebook hoax going round causing fears of online stalking is ''following me''.
Follow me- Facebook's new hoax
But the story has been dispelled by experts who say the social media site is still as safe as ever.
The myth that has been circulating claims that each user has a hidden list of “followers”. That is to say, the followers are people who can see what you post without being accepted as a “friend”.

The rumor is that if a Facebook user goes to their settings section and types in “following me”, the site will reveal a list of ''covert followers''.
Fortunately this myth is just that- a myth and it is not the first time the hoax has reared its ugly head and scared social media users.

A user who claimed to have uncovered the trick wrote: “I just learned something new. If you go to account settings, blocking, block users, and type in “following me”, without the quotes, you might be surprised just who is following you. I had a lot people on it that I had no clue who they were. They are blocked now. I had to block them one at a time. Creepy... Most were middle eastern persons and all my posts are to friends, not public.”
But typing ''following me'' into a search bar will simply display a list of other users with “following” or “me” in their names or contact information.

According to Facebook’s Help Center, you go to the right corner and select settings, then click public posts, then select friends or public next to who can follow me.
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