How to Open New Facebook Account using Chrome Browser

How to Open New Facebook Account using Chrome Browser: We shall see how to use multiple account in Facebook, twitter and other. This article is aimed at guiding you to open and connect your multiple Facebook accounts within a browser at a time.

How to Open New Facebook Account using Chrome Browser

You have tho Facebook account, But you can not login two account in same time from one browser. If you want to use both accounts, you have to log out from first account and log-in to another one. In this tricks you can use multiple account in same time from one browser. This tricks not only account for Facebook but also for other sites like Google, Twitter, and many other sites.

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Their are two process to open another facebook, twitter and other account in google chrome browser. First one from the google chrome browser settings. And the second one from use a extension.

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Use the Google Chrome Browser Settings

  • First click on Navicon on top right corner, and go to Settings.
  • Then Add new user… under People. Choose a picture and name, click on Create.
  • Now You will see a profile icon on the browser menu bar, and placed on the top left corner.
  • After that select the People profile, and login another Facebook account here. Switch the user profile via the user icon. You can also use another user accounts such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter and LinkedIn to different user profiles.

    Use a extension on Google Chrome Browser

    • First download the extension from the download button.
    Download Now
    • Account manager is a very useful chrome extension that allows users switch in between multiple Accounts on multiple sites. The account manager supports few social sites which include Facebook, twitter, whatsApp, instagram, and many more like those.
    • Log into the social account you wish to manage from your chrome browser.
    • Then click on the Add Account button.
    • Next, log-out from the account and sign into the next social account and repeat same process. You can give it a label like account2.
    • When it’s done, switch into any of those accounts by clicking on the play-like button on the account manager.
    You can edit those account, and delete the account. If you facing any problem regarding how to open another Facebook account in Google chrome then put your comment in the suggestion box below.

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