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Download and Update FB App- Facebook, a social platform where we get to meet so many people tries to maximize its users' satisfaction by making constant updates of the application. So, updating your app from time to time gives you the opportunity to enjoy the numerous opportunities and features made available to you by the Facebook team. 


You can choose to play all of your friends' stories without having to tap it one after the other with the option ''Play All''


When you get a friend request, you are allowed a preview of that person's photos in case you can't recognize the name or the person in the current profile picture.


Your notifications are arranged in a chronological order and demarcates ''New'' down to ''Earlier'' which are the older notifications. You can now locate which notification to open.


You can choose to save, give feedback hide or turn off notifications for a particular post, unfollow the person who made the post or copy the link of the post by tapping on the three dots (...) at the top of the post.


The camera feature has so many new options to choose from when taking a picture. Options ranging from having flowers or a crown on your head, using a STAR WARS frame, etc.


Incorporated into this new update  is ''CRISIS RESPONSE''. It can be found under ''Favorites'' when you tap on the menu button at the right hand corner of the page. CRISIS RESPONSE shows you the crisis going on around the world.


Tapping on the ''whatsapp'' option takes you straight to your whatsapp.

So, check out how to download | update your Fb for Android and iPhone to enjoy

Download and Update FB App On Android Phones From Google Play Store

To download or update FB app from google play store is very easy and simple so just follow the procedures written below to download or update the app on your mobile app.
  • Click on ''download'' or ''update'' FB app on your device now.
  • Then click on install, that’s all.
  • Go to your apps menu and open the newly installed FB app.
  • Then fill your Facebook details to sign in, and enjoy your chat.

Download and Update FB App on iOS From Apple Store for iPad and iPhone

  • Visit Facebook official iOS link to download and install FACEBOOK App on iPhone or iPad by clicking Here or Here.
  • On the page that appears, click on “Get App”. 
  • Follow the steps and install your Facebook App.
So, what are you waiting for?  Download and Update your FB App to enjoy more awesome features!
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