Change name on Facebook - how to do it

Looking around, you will discover that so many of our friends are still using the names they used to open their Facebook account six years ago today. As change is the only constant thing in life it is therefore good news is that Facebook has given us the opportunity to change our names from time to time. Like they say, variety is the spice of life, so why don't you juice up your Facebook life and change your name? In this article, we are going to show you how to change your name on Facebook.


  1. Click on the menu button at the top right hand of the page (under the messenger logo)
  2. Scroll down to Account settings and tap on it
  3. Click on General
  4. On the pop-up screen, tap on Name
  5. On the screen that pops up, type any name you want to be known as on Facebook then tap on Review change
  6. Enter your password and click on Save changes


  1. Click on the in the top right of Facebook and select Settings
  2. Click on Name
  3. Enter your name and click on Review Change
  4. Enter your password and click on Save Changes

REMEMBER: You will not be able to change your name again until after sixty(60) days or two months.

You can also add some spark to your new name by adding a nickname, a birth name, etc. So go ahead, play around with some new daring and dazzling names but remember to ensure your name change to work with the standards of Facebook.
Have fun!
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