Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account

This article will show you how to deactivate your Facebook account. You can deactivate as well as reactivate your Facebook account anytime you want. Well, if you don't want to deactivate your Facebook account Temporarily perhaps you want Permanently Delete Facebook account, we'll still show you how to go about it. Just click here to delete your FB account forever.

If you'd like to deactivate your FB account temporarily, then you'll have to continue reading below.

Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account

How to Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account

Facebook is ever changing and so many things are changing as well but one thing hasn't still change - - the deactivate and delete feature of Facebook.

To deactivate your Facebook account, you need to follow the deactivate link to complete your Facebook deactivation process.

Where can I find deactivate link?

A new screen (page) will pop up, please follow the onscreen instruction to deactivate your FB account.

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