How to start facebook group chat | Create a group chat on fb

How to start facebook group chat | Create a group chat on fb: A large number of persons have been really thinking of How to create a group chat on Facebook for the purpose of boosting communication with more than one user, now with facebook messenger, you  now have a highly effective and simple method to start a facebook group chat.
However, some times you may wish not to chat with the whole group you’re in, rather to just a few friends, for now there is now way you can do that without adding people to a private conversation.
Just recently a guy who first start a Facebook group chat told us that no matter how he ve tried to message only a few people in the group, he kept seeing the existing conversations with any single name he typed in, or No Results Found if I type in more than one name.
There are two basic ways to create a Group Chat on Facebook, depending on the platform that you’re using, however, mobile users cannot participate in chats using the Facebook application, but as a mobile phone user, there are several ways that you can go about creating a Facebook group chat.
And in this article we will walk you through both methods you can use to start group chat either for family, for dinner plans, for photo sharing or group for a team.

How To Create a Group Chat on Facebook

  1. Via Facebook
    Click the gear icon located at the top-right corner of your chat window.
  2. Next, select Add Friends to Chat from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the names of the friends that you’d like to add.
  4. And then finally, click Done.

How to Start a Facebook Messenger Group Video Chat

  • Sign in to Facebook Messenger, and then go to the Groups menu
  • Select the + button located at the bottom of your screen, click on the type of group you wish to create
    • Enter a name for your group. You can also add a group photo by tapping the camera icon:
    • Select the friends that you’d like to add to your chat:
    • Tap Create Group at the top of your phone 

If you have any issue in the process on how to start Facebook group chat, use the comment box to reach us as it helps us to serve you better.
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