How do I know when someone blocks me on Facebook?

Did you just notice recently about this particular friend on Facebook who you are no longer notified of their Facebook status update, including profile picture changes.
Worse of it all is that you cannot even send them message any more as you used to do, and more is that you have searched for them through your friend list, and also through Facebook using their Facebook profile name, yet you couldn’t find them.

Although there are few other reasons which could lead to such conditions of difficulty in finding your Facebook friend. It could be that they have permanently deleted their Facebook account or that Facebook has disabled their account following certain Facebook violation.

They are sure tips which when employed, would help you find out if you have been blocked. As simple as they are (which we have further made more simpler), read them carefully to understand them and try them out.

Here are the tips on how to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook;

Tip One;In a situation whereby you have had a Facebook conversation with such a person, go through your inbox to check through your message with the person. Despite the person’s photo would show the default Facebook image, what has to cut your attention is the name.

If such a friend’s name appears in black bold color, and at the same time the name cannot be highlighted as to be clicked on in order to visit the person’s Facebook profile, then this suggests the person might have blocked you on Facebook. This is one tip which helps you answer such questions 

Tip Two;Another tip on how do I know if someone blocked me on Facebook is to try reporting a conversation with a friend as spam. Simply re-open the message page and the conversation you have had with the person. And then from the menu at the top right of the pop-up screen, tap on “Actions” and then select “Report spam or abuse”.

A new window will open at this point, then select “Report one or more participants in the conversation for harassment or threats, or have a compromised account”. Then tap “OK”.

Another window will open, but then if the window opens and reads “Operation prohibited” right to the user’s name, then this suggests the Facebook friend or user has blocked you on Facebook.

Tip ThreeThis third tip seem to be the most easiest method or approach. All you need do is to ask a mutual friend to access the person’s (the Facebook friend in question) Facebook profile. I mean the person you think has blocked you.

If that mutual friend can access the person’s Facebook profile whereas you cannot access the same person’s Facebook profile, it simply means the person actually has blocked you.

NOTE:This is all on How do I know if someone blocked me on Facebook social media. If you have followed this step, then you can certain determine whether a Facebook friend has just blocked you. But then, if you have been blocked by a friend on Facebook, do not stress yourself. This is because the person might have a reason for blocking you.

It is advised that you reach the Facebook friend by another means you can, to at least find out why, but if you couldn’t, the don’t really worry, after all is Facebook; a social media platform and not a real life situation!

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