How Do I Find My Archived Messages On Facebook

Assuming you have private messages or chat conversations that you have stored on Facebook using the archive feature, the Facebook website will erase the said message or chat conversation from the Messages inbox as well as all other sections where it was located. It will then transfer the message to a different area; the Archives area. The whole idea of saving a message is to retrieve it when needed, however, accessing the archived section is not so easy because Facebook does not display a link to this section beside the inbox or various link titles. In order to access this section, you have to navigate to a drop-down listing which displays additional options.

Easy Steps to Access Archived Message on Facebook
1. On your Facebook Homepage click the "Messages" choice in the Favorites section to open the Messages screen. Facebook immediately displays your chat conversation history as well as private messages in a list style by date listed below the Browse field.

2. Click on "More", you will be allowed to view other options within which you will choose "Archived" from the drop-down menu. Facebook will then display the list of non-archived messages and a list of archived messages.

3. Select the message you desire to view, this will open it.

Extra Tips
1. If you wish to reply to an archived message, key in your reply in the "Write a Reply ..." box below the message. Once you are done, click the "Reply" button.

2. To include a document or photo data to an archived message, click the "Add Data" or "Include Photos" icon listed below the Write a Reply box. Select a saved data, click "Open" when prompted and after that click "Reply" to send the message.

Be aware that Facebook doesn't enable you to compose a reply if somebody you have actually formerly talked with has an impaired account or privacy setting that does not permit replies.

Congratulations!!!! You did not lose that message after all.

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