Deleting Facebook Account Permanently

Many students are very fond of Facebook. Taking selfies as well as uploading on Facebook or Instagram is now today’s trend for them. In all this, they are neglecting studies. The mental efficiency of students is decreasing as they are very active on Facebook and other social sites most of the time. Thus, they do not find time to study or do some research on their topics. Many cases of online dating which lead them to death or very harmful mental depressing condition. Students find their love on Facebook and if got hurt or cheat in future they commit suicide or else commit crimes in the scene of taking revenge.

However, The physical health of students is also deteriorating due to overuse of Facebook and other social media. They do not find time to play or do some physical activity, as a result, most of the students are getting fatty and helping other diseases to birth in them. To restrict this all bad effect better to either deactivate Facebook for some time or permanently delete the account.

Delete Facebook Account PermanentlyHere are some basic steps to delete Facebook account permanently. Just follow the steps accordingly.

1. Open your facebook account by doing login with your credentials.

2. After login, you will see a drop-down icon on your right side click on that Icon.
3. When you click on this drop-down Icon you will see a list of options like this. Click on Setting.

4. After clicking on Setting you will get a page at the bottom of the page you will get a link Download a copy.

5. You can take a copy of all your post before deleting Facebook account permanently. Simplyclick on Download a copy.

6. When you click on Download a copy a new page will open. On this new page click on Start My Archive. Click on Start My Archive your data will be downloaded when Facebook is ready with your content.

7. Now go on this link Facebook help.

8. After clicking on that link a new page will appear. Click on Manage your Account.

9. A drop-down will appear. Click on Deactivating or Deleting Your Account.

10. On this page click on How do I permanently delete my account.

11. After that, a page will appear like this click on Let us Know.

12. Thus, it will ask for confirmation. Click on Delete My Account.

Finally, Your Account will be Deleted in Minimum 14 days or Maximum 90 days.
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