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This article will give you an insight on how to deactivate and delete Facebook account. Facebook is one of the social networks which boast of millions of users, but is it really for everyone? You might have gotten fed up with it, or you could want to clear yourself of the so many requests and various invites you have been receiving. Whatever the reason is, you must have had it with it. So, the question that could be running through your mind is, “how do you break yourself off this Facebook hook”. Well, fret not, because you are the right place, where you will get the much-needed information.

There are two ways you can break yourself off the claws of Facebook:

  • By permanently deleting your Facebook account
  • By deactivating your Facebook account

However, it is advised that whenever you want to break off from Facebook, you should always think of whether you would want to come back to it or not.

How to Permanently Delete your Facebook Account
Delete Facebook

Unlike deactivation of Facebook account, when you permanently delete Facebook account, you will never be able to reactivate or retrieve any of the information you have added. Having decided to permanently delete Facebook account, you might want to download your Facebook archive first. This is the collection of photos, videos, and post you have shared, chat conversations and messages. So, here is how you can download this archive:

  • Logging into
  • Click the down arrow icon at the upper right corner of your Facebook page.
  • Click the “settings” option. This will direct you automatically to the general account settings
  • Down the general account settings is the “download a copy” link, which will enable you to copy your Facebook data. This service will further guide you to downloading your Facebook data
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