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I met a friend recently that was complaining of how much time he lost per day just of the euphoria that comes with Facebook. This has turned out to undermined his goals and visions due to loss of time on social media daily.
To so many, it is the case of addiction than the social fun that it brings. So many have lost opportunities and relationship because of their constant presence on Facebook. Some abandon their office duty to because they what to follow up feeds and updates of friends and group. These lost time and become less productive because of their social account on Facebook.

I have tried over time to educate younger once about self-control when it comes to social media. This is because most of them don’t know how to convert their presence Facebook into money. Well, that is a story for another day. My personal resolve is how you can delete facebook account with ease.

How to Delete Facebook PartiallyJust as stated earlier, you can delete facebook account with the intention of still maintaining the data and info in the account for future use. The steps below will guide you on how to get it done,
  • Visit your Facebook account page through
  • Click the login and enter your details. While in the account, click on the bottom arrow pointing down from the top corner of your homepage.
  • When on to the page, select “Settings” Option.
  • Again, select the “Security” option.
  • Next, select the ‘Deactivate Account’ button.
Complete the rest of the screen instructions to completely deactivate your account with ease.

With this done, your Facebook account, profile, and info will remain invisible to other users online until you choose to log in to your account again, that is when your account can be restored.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account PermanentlyTo get this done, you will need to
  • On login into your account, click the arrow down button on the top side of your homepage.
  • Click on setting and download your data (optional).
  • With that done, you visit this link
  • Click on the ‘Delete Account’ button
  • Continue the on the onscreen option to complete the process.
With this, you have successfully deleted your Facebook account. It will take Facebook a period of 90 days to complete the process and your account will be history. Thanks.
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