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Knowing how to delete Facebook account looks like a necessity that might come in handy some time. Facebook as we know it is an everyday app for most users. A social media network that allows thousands of users connect all over the world. But, chatting is an extensive time taker.
Requires being by your device almost an entire day to actually achieve great info. Time and concentration required from the app might at the long run be seen as a total waste of time.

Active users of the social platform have time and over again tried to be convincing about how having a Facebook account is the holy grail of so many things official. They just don’t give insight about that point in your social life that you would want to delete that Facebook account. But we are going to look at the different steps of staying on top that need below.

Steps To Delete Facebook Account(s)
The steps that one can adhere to in deleting a Facebook account are quite simple. Facebook has in recent times, driven many of its “active” users to the world of isolation from family and friends. Considering that physical interaction is more important if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, these are the steps to take away that isolation addiction.

You can deactivate that account but save your data and return to it after a while or
You can permanently delete the account and never return to it again. Before making this decision, note that Facebook has details about almost everything in respect to your personal life. The question becomes, can you really call that a personal life? I mean, Facebook knows about your date of birth, the members of your family, your secondary and tertiary institution, your residential address, phone number, business details, hobbies, your dislikes. Who are you now, if your details are released to the entire world? Is there even privacy anymore?

If you find yourself in the decision space of deleting Facebook from your life, I want you to know that it is a healthy choice. Consider the questions above and you wouldn’t be lagging on getting started.

How to Delete Facebook TemporarilyI initially mentioned you can delete your account and still maintain the info’s in it for a later restoration. This is how to go about it.
  • Go to Facebook page by visiting
  • Log into your personal account or the account to be deleted
  • Click on the arrow pointing down from the top corner of your home page
  • Select the ‘settings’ option
  • Next, Select ‘security’ option
  • Select ‘deactivate account’
Follow on-screen instructions to complete the stepsThis will make your profile invisible to other users till anytime you log in with your email and the account will be restored. On the other hand, you can permanently delete the account by
  • Clicking on the arrow down button on the top right side of your home page
  • Click on settings and download your data (optional)
  • Visit
  • Select ‘delete my account’
Follow onscreen instructions to complete the step. Facebook will gradually take the time frame of 90 days to completely delete your entire Facebook details and history.
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