Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily: Want to learn How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account Temporarily Step by Step? You're on the right track because I personally prefer that you deactivate Facebook account temporarily instead of permanently deleting your FB account. See: How Do I Logout of Facebook.

I've come to understand that you should Never Say Never because deleting a Facebook account is like telling Facebook - I'll NEVER return to Facebook until "Thy Kingdom Come" so Facebook, I want you to remove everything concerning my identity from your social network platform entirely and don't keep even a back-up copy of my details.

Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

The reverse is DEACTIVATION, when you deactivate your Facebook, you are telling Facebook to remove all your details from Facebook but please keep a copy in case I have a change of mind.
So Facebook will respond and remove your profile and photos and videos and then backup your details for you.

How can you deactivate a Facebook Account?

Let's get started!

To deactivate your FB account, you must make certain that you truly want to deactivate it and ready to miss your friends.
Up next, follow the step by step tips below to temporarily remove your account from the web.


Facebook Account Deactivation Step by Step

You can deactivate your FB account temporarily and choose to come back whenever you want.
To deactivate an account, follow the steps below:
  1. Click the account menu at the top right of any Facebook page
  2. Select Settings
  3. Click General in the left column:
  4. Choose Manage your account then follow the steps to confirm 

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