Connecting Twitter to Facebook

Connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account to post your tweets and also Retweets on your Timeline or Page automatically. The Twitter for Facebook app doesn't upload replies and straight messages on your Timeline and also cannot change your Facebook standing. You can change the personal privacy setups of the Twitter app on Facebook to restrict who sees your tweets and also Retweets. If you unlink both accounts, you can delete all your Twitter activity from the Timeline.

Connecting Twitter To Facebook.Open Up the Twitter Applications web page (web link in Resources), click the "Link to Facebook" switch, log in to your Facebook account-- if you are not currently logged in-- and also adhere to the instructions in the new internet browser home window to link the accounts. To connect Twitter to a Facebook page, click the "Permit" web link in the Facebook Link area of the Applications page, check the "post to my Facebook web page" box as well as pick the page from the drop-down menu.

Change the Privacy Setups or Unlink the Accounts.Open up the "Facebook Application Settings" web page (web link in Resources), mouse over the "Twitter" app and afterwards click the pencil symbol. Modification the message audience from the "App visibility and message target market" drop-down food selection as well as click "Conserve."

To unlink Twitter from Facebook, mouse over the "Twitter" app on the Facebook Application Settings page and click the "X" symbol. Examine "Erase all your Twitter task on Facebook" if you want to remove all Twitter blog posts from your Timeline and click "Eliminate.".

Troubleshoot Web Link Issues.If tweets no more show up on your Timeline, disconnect the 2 accounts, clear your internet browser cache as well as cookies, as well as after that link the accounts once again. If your Facebook close friends cannot see your tweets and Retweets, modification Twitter's personal privacy setups from the Facebook Application Setups page.

Your pop-up blocker software program might block the new Web browser window when you click the "Connect to Facebook" button or the "Permit" web link. Facebook, Twitter or the application could generate some problems; attempt again after a couple of minutes.

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