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Friday, 3 February 2017

How to Pay PHCN Bills Using QuickTelller

Are you interested in using quickteller to pay NEPA Bills (PHCN Bills) and you find it difficult? Well, the truth remain that you can pay your PHCN bill with quickteller mobile or Quickteller online. With Quickteller, you can pay PHCN bills very fast and quick with no stress or any waste of time.

You can as well use Quickteller for payment options such as  airtime, event or cinema tickets, money transfers and other essential daily tasks.

How to Pay PHCN Bills Using QuickTelller

How to Pay PHCN bill With Quickteller:

OPTION 1: Fill out the online form on the Quickteller website.

Fields to complete include:

1. Account number

2. E-mail address

3. Mobile number

4. Amount (for bill payment)
OPTION 2: Call the Quickteller phone line.
1. Dial 08139850002 and wait for instructions.
2. Press “3” to pay bills.
3. Press “4” for PHCN payments.
4. Enter your meter number followed by the # key (You will be asked to confirm the number)
5. Enter the amount to pay followed by the # key (You will be asked to confirm your payment)
1. Dial the short code *322# and follow the prompt.
2. SMS ‘QT HELP’ to 32122.
3. Select the Quickteller option on an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
That's all on How to Pay PHCN Bills Using QuickTelller.