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Friday, 17 June 2016

2 Ways To Clear e16 Error Codes on GOtv


2 Ways To Clear e16 Error Codes on GOtv: There are basically 2 ways to Clear GOtv e16 Error Codes . It is either you clear your GOtv error codes using the Text Message method or do it on this portal ( which is way easier.
How To Clear e16 Error Codes on GOtv

SMS Method

To clear Error Codes on GOtv using SMS ==> Use the mobile number you used in registering GOtv during purchase to send the IUC Number you found under your GOtv decoder to 4688 ( This IUC Number has a red label)

*Send RESET IUC NUMBER as a message to 4688
A good example below:

RESET 9348679121 to 4688 (assuming  9348679121  is your IUC Number)

GOtv Portal Method

Visit this website==>….. when it opens make selection of your country and hit “clear error code” . Once you click on clear error code you would have to login where you are go specify the error you intend to clear . Once you find the error code you want to clear then hit the clear button and you are done.
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